tirsdag 30. juni 2015


Her kommer kursbeskrivelsene til Olga sine 2 kurs. Påmelding til kursene starter i midten av august.

Perfect workshop for everyone. For those who never "touch" mixed media and want to try and for those who alredy love this technique but want to lern new stuff.  We will make organic, natural composition from fabrics flowers and different embelishments and combine everything together with colors.
I will show you how to combine different elements and use all stuff that you dont want to through away but honestly you don't have idea what to do with them.
pls bring two brushes , scissors and something to protect your cloths for workshop

On this workshop I will show you all tricks I use when i create Layouts. Dimensional, layered composition, adding and customizing different kinds of embellishments. Managing space on your work and using all cool and favorite stuff like stamps and stencils, sprays different crayons and paints. All that you need to create ordered mess on your pages :)
Classes are perfect for beginners and advanced students .

pls bring few small pictures in black and white ( max size 7,5x10 = half of C4( 10x15 cm ), two brushes , scissors and something to protect your clothes